A parish visitation is when the Bishop visits a parish in order to encounter his community, interchange experiences with the priests and religious, recognize and commend the efforts of the parish community and its ministries by celebrating the spirituality of the parish faithful, and experience the life of the parish through the services it offers. Additionally, it allows the Bishop to provide guidance and focus into the future of the parish through pastoral recommendations based on the Diocesan Vision.
The Department of Pastoral Planning and Transitions offers the Ecclesial Integration process in three different phases so leaders of the parish, staff and ministry coordinators already committed to renewal, reconfirm their Catholic identity and reach a new sense of belonging and ownership of the Mission of the Church.
This is a 3 phase process focusing from Formation and Training, Strategic Planning to Consulting.


As a Transitions Ministry Office, we are Committed to Provide parishes and Diocesan Offices with prompt, professional and effective services, based on the mission and vision of the  Diocese of San Bernardino. We want to be a resource for your parish when changes and transitions are on the horizon. We assist the outgoing  pastor/pastoral coordinator in having a healthy closure in the parish. Also in settling down smoothly in the new parish, and provide resources as needed. We walk with the parish staff during  the transition time. We  journey with the Parish Community to assess the impact of change.