Pastoral Planning is the process of praying and thinking together about the actions of the Body of Christ in a particular time and place.

Dr. William Pickett (A Concise Guide to Pastoral Planning)


Introduction to Consultative Bodies

The pastoral councils are the ministries chosen by the church to provide consultation and assistance to the pastor or appointed leadership.  Through pastoral planning and wise consultation, the councils will contribute to the carrying of the mission of Jesus Christ.

We are pleased to share with you this copy of an Introduction to Consultative Bodies.  While the development of consultative bodies will always be a work in progress, we hope that it will assist you in envisioning the role of the consultative bodies that support the work of the Parish.

You can Click on this link for the English version Introduction to Consultative Bodies or for Spanish click here Introducción a Grupos Consultores on any of the links below to find out more about building your Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council Ministry

Diocesan Policy and Reference to Canon Law
Role of Parish Pastoral Council
Relationship of Pastoral Council with Others
Finance Council
Models Diagram
Organizational Chart in ECCLESIAL INTEGRATION

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