Phase II of the Ecclesial Integration Process for Pastoral Planning.

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The training is held over Two Saturdays. Pastors must attend the first Saturday with their Core-Team.

This is a Staff member who will be the liaison between our Department and the Pastor.
Your EIP Core Team should be about 7-9 people.

Below are two documents that will help you begin the process before the EIP Core-Team Training.  Please download each one and read through them carefully

  • Step 1 is forming your EIP Core -Team is your first step. These are a group of 5-8 members of your Parish that will help you facilitate the process of Pastoral Planning using the Ecclesial Integration Process (EIP). This is the team you will send to the training.  
  • Step 2 is organizing your ministries under the Five Commissions.  Reading through the Descriptions of the Five Commissions document will help you get a good idea of where to start. 

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