To develop an Ecclesial Integration within the Diocesan offices, schools, and parishes; assisting leaders with comprehensive pastoral planning. 

Laura Lopez
Department Director

Marco Elias, PH.D.
Associate Director

Jessica De La Torre
Planning Coordinator

Chris E. Vital
Planning Assistant

The purpose of the Department of Pastoral Planning and Transitions is to pray and discern together about the actions of the Body of Christ in a particular time and place by providing  models, methodologies, and  actions in order that the Diocesan offices, schools, and  parishes organize themselves to carry out their mission.

The Department of Pastoral Planning and Transitions, in light of the New Evangelization, offers a parish structure and organization process rooted in our Diocesan Vision, with the values of hospitality, collaboration, reconciliation, and faith sharing.

Ecclesial Integration is understood as “the welcoming of all (cultural communities and ethnicity's) to our ecclesial institutions” This process is driven by the spirituality of co-responsibility and inclusion in order to ensure a full commitment to the mission of the Church (BICM-USCCB).

This dynamic process is based on five qualities of parish life: Evangelization and Catechesis, Community Life, Service (Pastoral Care), Prayer and Worship, and Co-responsibility; observed and witnessed by our Bishop, Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes.